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How Do Network Marketing Professionals like us

Go Getters & Create Extra Income

Without Telling Anyone Our Company Name

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Yamina"Why Are You Doing This?"
This Podcast Is Dedicated To Showing You HOW I'm ... Building My Downline.
WITHOUT ...Depending on friends & family annoying uninterested strangers
I  Did  Everything The Hard Way:
  • Made a list of 100
  • Called up everyone I knew that needed this biz
  • ​ Started conversations with random strangers while in the mall
  • ​  Put all my marketing eggs into my company products and business opportunity basket.
Traditional MLM Prospecting is not What's Working Now!
#1 - Your upline doesn't know marketing, so they can't teach it
 - so they can only teach you what worked for them, home parties, hotel meetings & three way calls.
#2 - Restrictions On Marketing Policies
 -Many MLMers believe that they can't advertise online without breaking any company rules. There is a group of us savvy marketers who generate leads online without mentioning a company name.
#3 - Most MLMers Don't Stand Out From The Crowd
 - if you want to people to join you instead of the other one, you need a  marketing system.